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Healing Masssage by Gam

My name is Nongnuch Prathueng. You can call me ‘Gam’ (my nickname). Born and raised in Thailand, I am a massage therapist and owner of “Healing Massage” (formerly Gam’s Thai Massage (2003-2012). In May, 2012, I changed my business name to reflect the goal of my treatments and the massage techniques that I provide. In May 2012, I earned a degree in Clinical Sports Massage from Saint Paul College. At the same time, I moved my business location from home studio to downtown Northfield as this ground level location will accommodate my elderly and disabled clients and provides an easy to find location for all my clients as well.

Healing Masssage by Gam
Gam and her husband, Luyen.

Since 2001, I have studied and received certificates in Thai massage from many popular massage schools in Thailand. I have been very interested in the ancient art of Thai healing and I have taken private classes from folk therapists. My other studies have included massage treatments and practices, including spa therapy (herbal facial, body scrub, and body treatment), cellulite reduction massage, four-hand massage, and massage for cancer patients.

In July of 2002, I moved to marry my husband in Northfield, MN.

I volunteer at Northfield Hospice and have provided my services to hospice patients since 2011.

About my skill:

I specialize in massage.

About my services:

I offer therapeutic Thai, Thai oil, Thai foot reflexology, Thai chair, passive yoga, sports, pre-natal, and oncology massages.

Life is more beautiful once your body is strong and healthy. I would like people to see massage for healing purposes and not just for relaxation. I hope Healing Massage will bring good health to the Northfield community and also clients from other cities who value my healing massage treatment and drive miles and miles to see me in Northfield. I love that my skills help reduce my clients’ pain and improves their health.

I wish you very good health!

“Gam” Nongnuch Prathueng

Owner & Therapist