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Professional Therapeutic Thai Massage Course | 70 hrs.

Earn a Professional Therapeutic Thai Massage Certificate in just 6 weekends.

This is an intensive hands on therapeutic Thai massage class for serious learners.

Professional therapeutic Thai massage course is recommended for:
Licensed, certified, professional massage therapists, personal trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, anyone who would like to provide therapeutic acupressure style massage therapy to clients or loved ones, or anyone who would like to experience both giving and receiving therapeutic Thai massage while you are in class.

Disability concerns:
Practicing therapeutic Thai massage requires flexibility in your limbs and joints as well as overall good health. If you have a physical disability that may impede fulfilling the ‘General Requirements’, these classes may not be suited to you. Please contact me in advance if you have any concerns in this area and I’d be glad to discuss this with you.


This class will certify you as a Professional Therapeutic Thai Massage Therapist, specialized in practicing Thai massage for therapeutic and general health and well-being benefits. If you wish to incorporate more movements and stretching in your sessions, please consider taking the Thai Stretching Therapy course.

Professional Therapeutic Thai Massage course trains you to perform basic therapeutic Thai massage techniques as a professional.

Therapeutic Thai Massage is very effective in delivering deep relaxation, reducing stiffness, soreness, relieving muscular and joint pain, and promoting general health and well-being.

The Therapeutic Thai Massage method is usually provided to people who prefer firm pressure and/or people who seek massage to relieve their pain, stiffness, and discomfort such as common neck, shoulder, and back pain. Combination of firm pressure together with light movements and stretching in Therapeutic Thai Massage practice helps to relieve pain and stiffness, and bring balance to a person’s body.



There are three main different styles of Thai massage in Thailand.

1) Therapeutic Thai massage; widely practiced in central Thailand, focuses on healing and therapeutic benefits. This technique based on techniques that are taught at Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School in Bangkok, Thailand.

2) Thai relaxation massage; practiced all over the country, focuses on comfortable experiences and relaxation benefits. This technique is based on ones that were created by Thai Ministry of Public Health in Nontaburi, Thailand.

3) Lanna style Thai massage; widely practiced in northern Thailand, focuses on comfort and increasing flexibility. This technique is based on techniques that are taught at Shivagakomarpaj Thai Massage School or Old Medicine Hospital in Chiangmai, Thailand.

All Thai massage styles, practice the same concept and follow the same Thai massage theory (Sen Pratan Sib or ten energy lines and the Four Elements). Their different techniques offer different benefits and experiences.

The style of Thai massage that I (Healing Massage, LLC) am offering, and you (a participant) are enrolling this course is therapeutic Thai massage.


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