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30-minute $45 60-minute $85
90-minute $125

Note: My appointments usually are booked 1-2 weeks out. Evening appointments are most popular. However, feel free to ask for same day or same week appointment(s); sometimes I have last minute cancellation. Contact


Millions of people travel to Thailand each year to experience our culture, beautiful beaches as well as to enjoy a massage at hotels, resorts and spas. You can find Thai massage shops through out Bangkok and many parts of Thailand. Thailand is becoming one of the pre-eminent health centers in Asia. Thai therapeutic massage is also included in many hospitals’ health treatments and increasingly in dental clinics. Today, Thai massage is a top request in most spas as it relaxes the entire body and the therapeutic technique helps to reduce common muscle and body pains.

World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized therapeutic Thai massage that it help protect and improve one’s health and well-being, if it is practiced correctly and also by experienced practitioners.

A unique technique from THAILAND unlike any others! At my Healing Massage, LLC, Thai massage is the most popular massage modality / treatment.

Thai massage offers healing, deep relaxation, energizing treatments and aides in better overall body flexibility. Clients have said that the benefits and good feeling lasts for days or sometimes weeks. A number of clients said that their severe headaches have gone away for several months after their treatment.

Many clients say that receiving Thai massage is like doing yoga without any work. Movement and stretching in Thai massage helps to unblock clogged energy channels and makes them more free-flowing resulting in improved health and relieving pains.


In my practice, I treat every client individually; therefore, I interview my clients to determine their health history, their physical limitations, any precautions to be taken, and what they can expect to experience during their session. Then, I will help them choose appropriate massage techniques based on information they provide to me, as well as how long the massage session will last. Often, the treatments include hot or cold therapies, applications of pain relief gel, and Kinesiology tape to maximize the benefits of treatment.


The pressure can be deeper or gentler depending on your health history, massage experience, age, and goal of your treatment. Stretching does not need to be included in the session if you prefer not to or if you are not physically capable of certain ranges of motion such as elderly, disabilities, and pregnant women. We will discuss about your health concern before the session start, and I will introduce only appropriate techniques; for example, I will not twist your back or stretch your neck if you are currently seeing a chiropractor for spinal adjustment or if you are elderly and having osteoporosis. This way, you will be sure that you will receive the best benefit and safe treatment from your session.



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