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I injured my lower back when lifting a heavy object at an odd angle and had significant pain for several days. After some focused back massage, balm & heating pack during a single 90-minute session, I noticed immediate improvement in my flexibility and reduction in pain. A few days later I was back to almost 100%! Highly recommended!

Migraine gone! I feel great - love the hot towels.

I’ve had many massages & this was the best! Really located all of my tight muscles!

Words cannot describe the last hour I’ve had - unbelievable. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

The best massage ever! People who haven’t tried it do not know what they are missing out on!

Amazing! I am so impressed. I thought it was better than both American and Thai massage that I have had! Thank you!!

Very relaxing after 7 hours of flying. This would be great for people who just took a long flight.

So exceptionally well done & relaxing. Gam has amazing grace & strength. I feel so invigorated after being here!

I feel stretches out - like the toxins were released. I really enjoyed the reflexology on my feet - it made them alive!

Excellent! Feels much better. Loosens tension in neck and shoulders.

Very relaxing, gave me more flexibility

Great. I had a headache and I felt really great after the massage! My headache was gone!

I love the whole foot massage experience from the warm water and oil to the towels wrapped around my feet. Thanks! I’ll be back!

I really liked the reflexology on my feet and the upper back and shoulder massage was great.

Very professional –the best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time. Beautiful!

My shoulders feel so flexible – the tightness is gone! Thank you!

Great! Just like being in Thailand again!

Wonderful! I highly recommend it!

Gam is a kind and warm person, and her gift of healing and health flows to the client. Awesome!”

Gam is an excellent massage therapist – one of the best massage I’ve ever had!

Wow! Next time I will not wait until my neck hurts to come in.

Feel most relaxed, yet my body is invigorated, awake, stimulated! A great experience, thank you.

Words can’t explain. My entire body feels relaxed. Thank you!