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Hot Stones therapy ($15) available to add-on to a 60-minute, a 90-minute, and a 120-minute long.

30-minute $40
60-minute $75
90-minute $105
120-minute $135

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Many elite athletes consider sports massage an essential part of their training and recovery routine.

Sports massage is designed for athletes as well as people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion.

What is Sports Massage?


Sports massage targets the soft tissues of the body including muscles relevant to a particular sport and those muscles used repetitively for various sports.

Unlike full-body relaxation (Swedish) massage, sports massage therapist focuses on problem areas such as a stiff shoulders, stiff neck, lower back pain, tennis elbow, golf elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, pulled hamstring, pain in the quadriceps muscles, sprained ankle, and foot pain.

During physical activity, our body creates stress and tension in the body’s soft tissue. Sports massage can break down lesions that have occured due to overused muscles and heals minor injuries quickly and effectively.

It is important to receive sports massage from specialized sports massage therapist, because this person understands what your body needs.

What type of sports massage is right for me?

Pre-event sports massage
A fast-paced, stimulating massage that last 10-15 minutes. It is given 1-2 days or right before a workout or competition. Pre-event massage aims to help athletes feel that they are perfect physically.
Post-event sports massage
A full-body relaxation massage that last at least 60 minutes. It helps athletes recover from a workout or competition.
Inter-competition or Restorative sports massage
Given during breaks in the event or during training. It helps athletes to train harder with less injury. Generally lasts about 15-30-minutes massage.
Rehabilitation sports massage
While the physician, physical therapist, and trainer focus on the injured area, rehabilitation sports massage is applied to reduce stress and promote healing. It helps to return the body to good health. The session lasts about 15-30-minutes.

How can sports massage assist me?


I am not an athlete, can I still receive a sports massage?

Sports massage helps heal people with injuries, stiff muscles, chronic pain or restricted range of motion.

Other people who may benefit from sports massage include: People who enjoy gliding, rubbing, and kneading massage techniques as in Swedish massage but, they prefer some stretches and love to receive a deeper pressure (deep tissue massage).

Therapist applies a variety of techniques. These often involve traditional Swedish massage and Thai acupressure and stretching techniques. Active release techniques are often involved in the sessions if you have particularly stiff muscles, in order to break down the built-up lactic acid.

Kneading, gliding, frictioning, rocking, and shaking techniques as in Swedish massage help to soft the muscles tissue. Acupressure, movement, and passive stretching as in Thai massage help to lengthening muscles and tendons and also promote range of motion in the joints.

Am I going to feel sore after my sports massage?


No, you are not going to feel sore after your sports massage, IF you receive “post-event sports massage”, which it is a full-body relaxation massage.

Yes, you probably feel sore after your sports massage IF you have stiff body or you receive sports massage to relive tightness muscles and joints. Treating these issues, massage therapist need to apply deeper pressure and stretches of muscles, ligaments, and tendons, in order to break down the built-up lactic acid. Therefore, this often leave you feel a little bit sore, tired or achy for a several days after the massage treatment.

No, you are not going to feel sore after your sports massage even though you have stiff body IF you have trained your body very well or you have very strong body.

Receiving a regular visit massage will help maintain your health and healing and also prevent injury.

How often should I receive sports massage?

Injured athletes and people with acute pain
2-3 sessions of a 30-minutes massage per week with at least 1 day off between each session.
General soreness/tightness
2 sessions of a 30-60 minutes massage per week (For athletes: when not competing).
1 session of a 60 minutes massage or 2 sessions of a 30-minutes massage during competition per week.
To maintain health and prevent injury
1 session of a 60-90 minutes massage a month.