Hospice Massage


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Hospice Massage Course | 21 hrs.


Schedule: September 28, 29, 30.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
8 am-5 pm.

Last day of registration: September 12, 2017
Please e-mail Gam: info@healingmassagebygam.com or Text Gam: (507) 301-8640 to register the course. You will receive a registration form either by e-mail or mail. Then, you will complete the registration form and mail it back to me by September 12, 2017.

Hospice Massage course is recommended for:

Licensed, certified, professional massage therapists, hospice volunteers or workers, nurses, caregivers, family members, and anyone who simply would like to learn and practice massage / comfort touch therapy to elderly and people at the end of life.

This class will certify you as a Hospice Massage Therapist, specialized in practicing massage for people with terminal illness or experiencing the end of life.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion from Healing Massage, LLC at the end of the class if participants fulfill all the class goals and requirements.

Course Description:


Participants will be trained to understand each patient’s various stages of illness, nature of most type of chronic conditions and demonstrate application of massage / comfort touch therapy to the person. Some examples of chronic conditions associating with a dying person are dementia, Alzheimer’s, cancers, COPD, AIDs, and old age. Participants will also learn to observe signs and symptoms of approaching death. They will be trained how to prepare themselves when facing difficulty situations. They will also learn precautions and what to do and not to do. They will be familiar with hospice patient’s information form and practice writing hospice reports. The class will motivate all participants to think, share their thoughts and practice solving problems throughout the course.

Instructor will demonstrate massage/comfort touch therapy, and participants will be paired up with partners and practice giving and receiving massage/comfort touch therapy.

Throughout the class, the instructor will correct the techniques and give advice about adjusting techniques as needed.

By the end of the class, participants will be confident in delivering a massage/comfort touch therapy to people experiencing the end of life.

We have a no fail policy. You will have plenty of time to practice in class, and I will be sure that all participants graduate with confidence in their practice.

Learning Outcome: